When we listen to an amplifier or speaker made in the 70’s, we discover that these devices have souls! We listen to it in amazement! It’s true that often they have a slightly noisier or distorted sound compared to today’s devices but still, they are able to display emotions. Conversely, the most modern high-end devices are often said to be embarrassingly precise with minimal distortion and noise on paper, yet somehow the sound is still blank and lacks something. SAKE-YOBA aims to deliver a sophisticated, high-end sound system that combines the benefits of the glorious past and today’s high technology with every element.

In addition to the internal technical values, we place the same emphasis on the exterior, the aesthetic, uniform and unique appearance. It is not enough for us that it brings our favourite artist into the room. We expect to look at our „artwork” with a good feeling that it fits to the furnitures of a modern or an old fashioned home as well.

SAKE-YOBA is committed to creating a sound system without compromises, which amazes it’s listener in every moment, making the weekdays a holiday!